VBS June 9th-13th 6:00pm

How to Join WBC

Would you like to become a part of us?

We’d be honored it you want to become a part of our church family! Here’s how:

By becoming a Christian. Do you admit that you are a sinner in need of God’s forgiveness? Do you believe that Jesus is God’s Son, who loves you and died for your sins? Are you willing to turn from your sins, receive God’s forgiveness, and live a new life with God’s help? All you must do is trust Jesus, claiming him as the forgiver of your sins and the Master of your life. Call upon him in private prayer, then confess your faith publicly. Should you wish to make a public commitment to Jesus in any worship gathering, simply walk forward during the song after any sermon and express your new faith to the pastor. Then you may ask for membership in our church through baptism.

By transfer of membership. If you desire to be a part of our church and are presently a member of another Baptist church, simply talk with a pastor and join up with the promise of a transfer of your letter of membership.

By statement of your faith. If you are a Christian and have been baptized according to New Testament principles (immersion of a believer as an act of obedience), you may join us upon the basis of your personal statement.

By New Testament baptism. If you are a Christian but have not been immersed as a believer, you may come re-affirming your salvation by new baptism.

By watchcare. If you are a Christian but feel uncomfortable becoming a full member by transfer, statement, or baptism, you may come requesting to be a part of our church under watchcare.