Financial Peace Class on Wednesday Nights at 6:00 pm

The Plan

You don't choose the family you're born into, and as it turns out, we're all born into the same terrible human family with the same deadbeat parents, Adam and Eve. There was no way out for us, until Christ made a way.

No Not One

Seems like every time a serial killer gets caught, the neighbors say, "He seemed so normal." Ever why wonder why the worst people seem so much like the rest of us people? Because people are sinners. All of us.

Lost: East of Eden

In Genesis, God created our first parents to live with him in the garden of his love. They sinned anyway. When did this story happen? Eons ago. And this morning. It's still happening. You are the Adam of your own soul. You are the Eve.

The Next Time He Comes

Nations Bow Down

Calling Then Wise Men makes it sound normal for them to have visited Baby Jesus. But they were more like sorcerers. Pagan warlocks. So why did they come to Bethlehem? Who invited them?

Near and Far

You feel powerless, although Jesus promised you'd have supernatural power. Wonder why? Maybe it's because you never attempt to do anything that requires supernatural power. He gives power with purpose.

One Big Job

How can you be comfortable living with Jesus, as long as there are people dying without him? You have a great mission. You were never meant to live for yourself.

MissionOne: Future Talk

Our church has celebrated the fulfillment of the 20/20 Vision. So what's next? I'm glad you asked. A bold new season of mission and life together starts now.

Knowing Your Limits

I used to think it wasn't nice to say no. And I thought Jesus wanted me to be nice. So I said yes to everybody, and I ended up living a life that Christ never intended.

Growth Through Grief

You don't recover from catastrophic loss. Grief may crush you, it may transform you, but it will not leave you the same. You can grow through grief.