Financial Peace Class on Wednesday Nights at 6:00 pm

People these days argue about displaying the 10 Commandments in courthouses, schools, or other public spaces. Here's an idea, if you love God's commandments, display them in the place they were meant to be seen. In your everyday life.

Sight Unseen

At Disney's Magic Kingdom, there is a Fast Pass, so you can skip all of the lines and inconveniences. Jesus doesn't give you a pass to avoid life's waiting and pain. But he does give you true joy.

With His Own Eyes

You probably won't change until your life hits rock bottom. So how deep does it go? That's the ironic thing about reaching bottom. You decide how far you fall.



When your notion of God is small and weak, all your steps in faith will be small and weak. You can't really relate to Jesus for who he is, and long as you don't really know who he is.

You may identify as almost anything and rename yourself over and over. But do you want to find out who you really are? Start by answering the question about who Jesus is, and he will answer the question about who you are.

Leaving It All Behind

People like the idea of asking Jesus into their heart, to have just about enough Jesus to fill a chest pocket. He wants to give you more than a warm feeling and a home in heaven. He'll give you a whole new life. But you have to give your whole life to him.


Admit it. You are no good at changing yourself. You've tried and nothing changes. That's because change is God's work. This Sunday, we're talking about transformation. If you are serious, all the talk could finally lead to real change.


Some people tell you to live better by asking yourself, "What would Jesus do?" Problem is, you don't know what Jesus would say or do, because you don't know what he actually said and did. So, what does it mean to live like Jesus?