Tune In Weekend-4th-6th Grade

Be Careful What You Wish For

You chase the wrong things, and you will live for the wrong things. in the end, you will have wasted your life. Don't.

When Nothing Is Enough

Maybe you have wondered why God doesn't seem to do what you ask him to do. The real question is why you don't seem to do what he asks you to do.

Sweet Chariot

God is always about to do something new in your life. This means you must always be ready to let go of the way things have been in order to receive the new way things are going to be, Let Go. Let God.


You say that you got saved even though nothing actually changed. You say you believe in prayer but you don't really pray. You say you believe God exists, but you live every day as if he doesn't. No matter what you say, your life speaks for itself.

Not For Sale

Just because you can do wrong without guilt or fear doesn't mean you're not guilty or that you have nothing to fear. No matter what, stay in touch with that uncomfortable ability to feel ashamed of yourself when you do wrong.

Only Son

Prayer begins with faith that God listens and responds to your voice. Things will happen when you pray that will never happen if you don't pray. So pray.

Always Enough

For 200 years only the worst of men held power. The nation was a cesspool of evil and strife. Then God raised somebody up(as God always does) and sent him out to burn like a fire for truth. Maybe God wants to do it again. Maybe you're the one.

The Choice Is Yours

Cougar Town