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Fruit Of The Spirit

It's like there are two fighting dogs inside you. One pulls you toward a life of selfishness, one pulls you toward a life of love. So which dog will win the fight in you? The one you feed.


Peter and John said they could never stop talking about the name of Jesus. They couldn't be stopped, but most us us can't seem to get started. If they were so unstoppable, why are we so stoppable?


Do you want another year like last year? If you keep doing what you have been doing, you'll keep getting what you've been getting. Let's talk seriously how to start moving forward.

King of Kings

Jesus' first coming into the world was as soft as winter snow and silent as night. But he's coming again, so prepare yourself. Next time you see him, it wont be silent or soft.

Prince of Peace

The Shepherd and the Lamb

Jesus of Nazareth

The Word

Healing Of The Nations

Forgetting Where You Are From