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The Prodigal Son

The ninth commandment requires you always to speak honestly, when it's appropriate to speak at all. Want to know why you get in trouble? Because you forget that silence is usually an option.

The 8th commandment says, "You must not steal." It's a command that hits thieves and robbers square in the face. But does it have anything to say to everyday people like you and me?

Because its decisions may risk or save human lives, our gov't works with an actual figure estimating that a single life is worth $10 million. Your life is worth $10 million to the gov't. Need I tell you that it's worth much more to God?

Too many parents can't say "No," because they can't stand to have their kid not like them even for a moment. God comes first, not your children. Lean upon him so they can lean upon you.

People these days argue about displaying the 10 Commandments in courthouses, schools, or other public spaces. Here's an idea, if you love God's commandments, display them in the place they were meant to be seen. In your everyday life.

Sight Unseen

At Disney's Magic Kingdom, there is a Fast Pass, so you can skip all of the lines and inconveniences. Jesus doesn't give you a pass to avoid life's waiting and pain. But he does give you true joy.