Mission One Offering- December 10th

Woodburn Kids Jr.

"Jesus replied, 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul. Love him with all your mind. This is the first and most important commandment.' And the second is like it. 'Love your neighbor as you love yourself.'" -Matthew 22:37-38

Your child is welcome to join us as we explore the wonder of God who created us and loves us, learn to connect with others, and do it all through fun activities to captivate attention. In JAM (Jesus and Me) City we want all kids to know that their relationship with God is all about Jesus and them.

Our goal is to partner with families because we believe that together we can make the things that really matter, matter more in the life of a child. In our preschool environment we offer worship and small groups for children ages 2 years - kindergarten on Sundays and Wednesdays. Additionally, we strive to provide resources and support to families to strengthen the faith based conversations they have throughout the entire week.

On Sunday mornings at 9:30 we have a worship element coupled along with small group environments for kids 2yrs- Kindergarten. Our team of leaders is committed to building relationships in order to convey and discuss God's truth in the Bible. Leaders connect with students by participating in a combination of live teaching and videos with the kids and then engaging in stimulating activities and conversation to discover and emphasize three basic, and powerful, truths:

God made me.

God loves me.

Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

All of our lessons and activities are designed to help kids begin to understand foundational concepts about God, their creator, and what living for Him looks like each day.

On Wednesday evenings at 6:00pm we have two groups for preschoolers based on ages. Our team of leaders is committed to building relationships in order to convey and discuss God's truth in the Bible. Leaders connect with students by teaching the lesson and leading age appropriate, engaging activities with the kids to understand three basic, and powerful, truths:

God made me.

God loves me.

Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

We use this time during the week to reintroduce the lesson from Sunday so that our kids are hearing God's truth from other incredible leaders in fun and engaging ways. We have found that this repetition in lesson offers clarity for the kids as well as builds a stronger foundation for understanding as kids grow and mature.

Newborn through 3 years old, we'll take care of your little one so you can focus on the service! Our nursery team focuses on keeping your child engaged and active, while also teaching them about Jesus. Each time we gather is filled with music, developmental play, and activities filled with wonder. Be sure to bring a diaper bag, as well as any toys that might make your baby most comfortable. Due to current guidelines we will not provide any snacks. If you wish for your child to have a snack and/or drink you will need to make those available during his/her time in the nursery.

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First time guest?

It is our desire to create an engaging, irresistible environment for your child. Below are policies and procedures we have put into place to ensure your child's safety and care.

Check Point

All parents are required to check their children in at the Preschool Welcome Desk. First time visitors will receive our two-part security tag system. Part of the tag has the child's name and security code. The other part matches the child's part of the tag and is given to the parents. Parents must present the matching security tag when picking up their child — no exceptions. After your child has enrolled in JAM City Jr., parents will sign into our computer system and receive a computer security tag.


Children who show signs or symptoms of fever or any other contagious diseases will not be admitted into JAM City Jr. in order to protect other children. Children must be fever and/or nausea/vomiting free for 24 hours before being admitted.

Parents are asked to disclose all allergies on their enrollment form so that it can be noted on your child's security tag. If your child carries an EpiPen, you are required to tell the teacher when and how to administer the medication. We only serve the following snacks: Chex cereal (gluten free) and Cheeze-Its. If a teacher brings in outside food for a small group lesson, they are required to list the food outside the door.


It is imperative that a guest registration form be filled out for each child visiting JAM City Jr. Our team will greet you at the Preschool Welcome Desk and help you with the enrollment and check-in process. The welcome desk is located at the end of the main hall going past the church office. After visiting should your child and your family decide to join us more regularly we would require you to fill out a Small Group Registration form to help your child's leader better connected with your family.


First time attending? Let us help your first time go smoothly. Fill out the form before you arrive so that we have contact info for follow up, know of any allergies or specific needs, and can communicate well with our leaders. Register Here

enroll in a group

Are you ready for your child to be a small group member with committed leaders who want to support your child and your family? Signing your child up to join a small does not equal church membership but helps ensure consistent care.  Enroll Here

invest, Be a leader

We believe that all of our volunteers should be owners in the ministry and are encouraged to lead from that position. To learn more about Leadership Positions in our ministry click here.

Family partnership

Part of our mission is to partner with each family to leverage influence in the life of each child. We have compiled a list of resources, both free and paid, for families to utilize as needed. Reach out to us if you have further questions. Access Resource List